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Vanterpool Plaza, Wickhams Cay I, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Registered number: 272721, date of 19 March, 1998

is a shareholder of the following companies from 1999 to 2003;

OAO “UPK Nedra” (100 active employees) with the monthly production volume of 35 thousand tons of oil

is a shareholder of the following companies from 2002 to 2005;

OOO “Jukola-Neft” (200 active employees) with the monthly production volume of 50 thousand tons of oil

is a shareholder of the following companies from 2004 to 2006;

OOO “Sea specialized port Vitino”- 97% of the share capital (1,100 active employees) – annual export of oil comprises six (6) million tons.

Annual sales (Russian export mixture), hereinafter referred to as “Oil”, comprise from six (6) million tons to eight (8) million tons under the terms FOB in the ports of Tuapse, Novorossiysk, Ventspils, Vitino and under the DAF terms at the border crossing points Adamova Zastava, Feneshlitke, Budkovtse, and Vainikkala.

Trading activities were carried out from 1999 to 2008. Such companies as Lukoil,  Rosneft, TNK-BP, Petraco Oil Company, were partners of the Company.

The annual turnover of the Company from 1999 to 2008 amounted to three (3) billion US dollars on average.

Currently, the Company is developing the unique equipment for preparation of gas to transport and is implementing it in the gas companies of the world. We successfully work in Russia, China, Asia and America. In Russia, our systems successfully operate in such companies as Rosneft (three installations), Sibur (one installation). In China, our two installations were installed in the company PetroChina; two more installations are ready for operation and should be launched this year.

Company GILBERTON INTERNATIONAL INC sells 100% stake shares of the company VICTORIA CAPITAL INVESTMENTS GROUP LIMITED established on 29 September 2009, registration number 255455, located at the following address: Arch. Makariou III, 284, FORTUNA COURT, BLOCK B, 2nd floor, P.C. 3105, Limassol, Cyprus.

VICTORIA CAPITAL INVESTMENTS GROUP LIMITED signed an agreement with the company GULDE HENGELHAUPT ZIEBIG & SCHNEIDER on the issue of patent registration in the world market.

The invention “Method of separation of gas mixtures” will concern the extraction and drying of mixtures containing CO2.

The technical solution (invention) will be protected by a patent that allows the creation of compact plants for extraction of acidic components, such as carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide from natural gases.

The patented invention will be of interest to engineering companies such as Linde, Fluor engaged in the construction of gas complexes for the extraction of carbon dioxide from smoke and natural gases, and large oil and gas companies such as Petrobras, Petronas, Lukoil, Gazprom, KazMunaiGas.

Such companies like Petrobras, Petronas, Gazprom, KazMunaiGas have large natural gas deposits that contain carbon dioxide in large quantities (Petronas has the Natuna deposit, Lukoil has the Astrakhan deposit, Petrobras has the Pre-salt deposit). These deposits are not currently being developed due to the lack of carbon dioxide recovery technology.

The patented invention describes a technology that allows profitable development of such deposits.